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  • Catalan dialects are investigated by Gemma Rigau at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • French dialects are investigated by:
- Tobias Scheer, Michèle Olivieri and Pierre-Aurélien Georges at University of Nice.
- Patrick Sauzet at University of Toulouse.
- Ur Schlonsky at University of Geneva.
- Andres Kristol at University of Neuchâtel.
  • Italian dialects are investigated by:
- Paola Beninca, Cecilia Poletto and Diego Pescarini within the ASIt (Syntactic Atlas of Italy) project.
- Nicola Munaro at University of Venice.
- Rita Manzini and Leonardo Savoia at University of Florence.
- Michela Cennamo at University of Napels Federico II.
- Michele Loporcaro at the University of Zurich.
- Roberta D'Alessandro at Leiden University.
- Angela Ralli and her group at Univesity of Patras (Grico dialect).
  • Portuguese dialects are investigated by:
- Ana Maria Martins and Ernestina Carrilho within the Cordial-Sin (Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects) and Duplex (Doubles and Expletives in European Portuguese Dialect Syntax) project.
- Catarina Magro and Sandra Pereira at University of Lisbon.
- Maria Lobo at Nova University of Lisbon.
- Ananda Lima at University of California, Los Angeles Linguistics Department (Brazilian Portuguese).
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