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This page contains a manual for setting up a large-scale project on dialect syntax. It discusses in detail the very stages of such a project. The manual is based on how the SAND was carried out, and has informed other dialect syntax projects which have started, such as those in Scandinavia (ScanDiaSyn), South Africa (Afrikaans Variety Project) and the Basque Country. The manual has the following structure.

  • Chapter 1 is an introduction into dialect syntax, and makes explicit the importance of this type of research from both an empirical and theoretical angle.
  • Chapter 2 discusses the special methodology which is required for collecting reliable dialect data. It includes a discussion of selection of speakers, questionnaire designs, and the methodology involved in carrying out interviews.
  • Chapter 3 contains a protocol for transcribing the data.
  • Chapter 4 contains a protocol for tagging the data.
  • Chapter 5 provides an outline of how to make the data accessible.
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