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Venice, September 18-21 2008, in collaboration with Cecilia Poletto

The goal of the workshop is to bring together scholars with experience in the field of dialect syntax and scholars that have recently started, or are planning to set up, a data gathering project. As can be judged from the program, the workshop has three distinct topics: a) progress reports from dialect syntax projects that have recently started b) presentations about syntactic variation in Eastern European countries and c) sessions on methodology, tagging and databases.

The workshop will take place at the Auditorium Santa Margherita of the University of Venice. (For directions to the Auditorium from Piazzale Roma or from the train station, click on "Percorso per Piazzale Roma" or "Percoso per Stazione FS" on the top left.)

Those interested in attending the workshop are of course welcome. Please send us an email in advance and no later than 1 September.

Thursday, September 18th

Network 14.00 Opening 14.15 Sjef Barbiers, Olaf Koeneman, Marika Lekakou (Meertens Institute) Edisyn: an introduction to the workshop 14.45 Øystein Vangsnes (University of Tromsø) Nations apart: Experiences from the Scandinavian Dialect Syntax project

15.15-15.30 ✦break✦

Progress reports 1 15.30 Christina Tortora (CUNY) The Comparative Morpho-Syntax of Appalachian English 16.00 Mark De Vos (Rhodes University) Comparing syntactic variation in a South African underdeveloped context 16.30 Mélanie Jouitteau (Université Paris 7) Dialects of an endangered language: Breton

17.00-17.30 ✦break✦

Dialect syntax in Eastern Europe 1 17.30 Lanko Marusic & Rok Zaucer (University of Nova Gorica) Some doubling phenomena in Slovenian dialects 18.00 Giuseppina Turano (University of Venice) Albanian and Arbëresh dialects: The state of the art

19.00 ✦ dinner ✦

Friday, September 19th

Syntactic analysis 9.30 Ellen Brandner & Martin Salzmann (University of Konstanz) Infinitival complements in Bodensee-Alemannic and Swiss German 10.00 Helmut Weiss (University of Frankfurt) Syntactic doubling in Hessian dialects 10.30 Michele Loporcaro (University of Zürich) In defence of indirect objects: evidence from Italo-Romance

11.00-11.30 ✦break✦

Dialect syntax in Eastern Europe 2 11.30 Iliana Krapova (University of Venice) Revitalizing Bulgarian dialectology: one goal, open ends 12.00 Andrej Sobolev (University of Marburg) Towards a Comparative Syntax of Balkan Dialects 12.30 Marjan Markovik (University of Skopje) About some interesting problems of Macedonian dialect (morpho)syntax

13.00-14.30 ✦lunch✦

Methodology 14.30 Paola Benincà (University of Padua) On mailed questionnaires 14.50 Cecilia Poletto (University of Venice) From the questionnaire to the actual data: practising field work 15.10 Discussion (moderator: Elvira Glaser, University of Zürich)

15.40- 16.10 ✦break✦

Methodology (continued) 16.10 Isabelle Buchstaller & Karen Corrigan (University of Newcastle) Tapping into the intuitions of dialect speakers in Northern England and Scotland: Data, Methods and their Implications 16.30 Margreet van der Ham (Meertens Instituut) & Gunther De Vogelaer (University of Ghent) SAND fieldwork, the northern or the southern way? 16.50 Bernd Kortmann (University of Freiburg) Beyond dialect syntax -- microparametric variation on a macro-scale 17.10 Discussion (moderator: Elvira Glaser, University of Zürich)

Saturday, September 20th

Progress reports 2 9.15 Jaakko Leino (University of Helsinki) FinDiaSyn: Regional aspects of Finnish syntax 9.45 Beatriz Fernández & Arantzazu Elordieta (University of Vitoria-Gasteiz) a. Dative-marked objects in Basque: human datives and alternating verbs b. Strategies for verb focalization in the Basque dialects 10.15 Ricardo Etxepare (University of Bayonne) A Case Study in Basque Dialect Syntax: Dative Agreement Alternations

10.45-11.15 ✦break✦

Databases, cartography and tagging 11.15 Jan Pieter Kunst (Meertens Institute) The Edisyn search engine 11.45 Franca Wesseling (Meertens Institute) Towards an interoperable system of databases 12.15 Ernestina Carrilho & Catarina Magro (University of Lisbon) The CORDIAL parsing 12.45 Discussion

13.15-14.45 ✦lunch✦

Dialect syntax in Eastern Europe 3 14.45 Marina Rusakova (University of St. Petersburg) An outlook for the study of doubling phenomena in the Russian dialectal syntax 15.15 Liina Lindström (University of Tartu) The Corpus of Estonian Dialects as a dialect syntax database and some doubling phenomena in Estonian dialects 15.45 Ioanna Sitaridou (University of Cambridge) Contact and Change: the syntax of endangered Greek dialects

16.15-16.45 ✦break✦

The future of the network 16.45 Hans Bennis (Meertens Institute) Future prospects of dialect syntax 17.15 Closing discussion

Sunday, September 21st

11.30 ✦ guided tour ✦

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