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The Dynamic Syntactic Atlas of the Dutch Dialects (Dynamische Atlas van Nederlandse Dialecten, DynaSAND) is an on-line tool for linguistic research. The DynaSAND consists of a database, a search engine, a cartographic component and a bibliography on dialect syntax. The data in the database have been primarily collected for research into syntactic and morphological microvariation. However, as the transcriptions of the fieldwork are directly linked to their corresponding sound files, the material can also be used for phonological and phonetic research. The SAND-research has mainly focused on variation in four empirical domains: the left-periphery of the clause, pronominal reference, negation and quantification, the right periphery of the clause. The user will mainly, although not exclusively, find data on the following phenomena: complementizers, complementizer agreement, complementizer doubling, subject cliticization on yes/no, reflexives and reciprocals, question word doubling, relativization, topicalization, verbal agreement, verb clusters and cluster interruptions, finite verb positioning, morpho-syntax of non-finite verbs, negation, negation particles and negative concord.

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