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* [ Ines Fernandez-Ordonez] at University of Madrid 
* [ Ines Fernandez-Ordonez] at University of Madrid 
* [ Ángel J. Gallego] at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
===Swedish dialects===
===Swedish dialects===

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This page gives an overview of the dialects and the dialect syntacticians associated with them.


[edit] Afrikaans

[edit] Basque dialects

Additionally, the computational aspects of the project are handled by:

[edit] Breton dialects

  • Mélanie Jouitteau at CNRS, France. The wikipedia site that she has created for her project, ARBRES, can be found here.

[edit] Catalan dialects

[edit] Danish dialects

[edit] Dutch dialects

In general:


[edit] English dialects

In general:

African English:

Appalachian English:

Bradford English:


North American English:

Scottish English:

[edit] Estonian dialects

[edit] Faroese dialects

[edit] Finnish dialects

[edit] French dialects



[edit] Frisian dialects

[edit] Gaelic dialects

Scottish Gaelic:

[edit] German dialects

In general:


Austrian German:






Plautdietsch (a language of Netherlandic Mennonites in the Americas):

Swiss German:

[edit] Greek dialects

In general:

Asia Minor dialects:

Cappadocian dialect:

Cretan dialect:

Cypriot Greek:

Grico dialect (spoken in Italy):

Pontic Greek:

[edit] Hungarian dialects

[edit] Icelandic dialects

[edit] Italian dialects

In general:

Northern Italian dialects:

Southern Italian dialects:

[edit] Macedonian dialects

  • Olga Tomic at University of Skopje/University of Novi Sad

[edit] Malagasy dialects

[edit] Norwegian dialects

[edit] Portuguese dialects

In general:

Brazilian Portuguese:

  • Ananda Lima at University of California, Los Angeles Linguistics Department

[edit] Sámi dialects

[edit] Slavic balkan dialects

  • Olga Tomic at University of Skopje

[edit] Slovene dialects

[edit] Spanish dialects

[edit] Swedish dialects

In general:

Finnish Swedish:

[edit] Welsh dialects

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