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  • Estonian dialects are investigated by Liina Lindstrom who works on the EMK (Estonian dialect) corpus.
  • Hungarina dialects are investigated by:
- Jeno Kiss at ELTE University.
- Attila Hegedus and Karoly Gerstner at Pazmany Peter Catholic University.
  • Finnish dialects are investigated by:
- Jaakko Leino, Mari Siiroiinen, Heli Pekkarinen and Markus Hamunen at University of Helsinki.
- Urpo Nikanne at Åbo Akademi University.
- Hannele Forsberg and Miia Karttunen at University of Joensuu.
- Maria Vilkuna at Research Institute for the Languages of Finland (Kotus).
- Anders Holmberg at University of Newcastle.
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