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Open source software from the SAND and Edisyn project, written by Jan Pieter Kunst.

Praat2sql is a command line php script which parses PRAAT files (TextGrid files generated by the PRAAT transcription program) and inserts the contents in a MySQL database. This software is released under the GPL. Download the latest version here.

Kaart.class.php is a PHP module to display one or more lists of placemarks on a basemap. This class was originally written for just the map of the Netherlands and Flanders. This basemap is included (in the files Netherlands_Flanders.ini and Since version 2.3 it should be doable to replace this basemap with another one. This modularization is still a work in progress, though. Currently the only placemark identifiers this class understands are so-called 'Kloeke codes' and Dutch postal codes. This software is released under the GPL.Download the latest version here.

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